Health Insurance

Have you ever heard the old saying “A jack of all trades is a master of none?”

We believe whoever came up with this saying must have been involved in the insurance business. Many insurance agents & agencies try to tell you they can do everything for you – auto, home, life, health, business, mortgages, credit cards and on and on. They also claim they can keep up with all the changes in your life, your mortgage rates, and your retirement all while reading, understanding, and keeping up with all 2,300 pages of Obamacare? No they can’t. You deserve better.

With all the changes in the health insurance market place, it is our opinion that a health insurance agent needs to be focused on health insurance only in order to keep up their expertise on the topic. After all, the #1 reason for personal bankruptcy in the United States is medical debt. Gaps and “oops” moments from part time health insurance agents can be detrimental to you and your family’s financial future.  This is why at Hutsenpiller Insurance, we are dedicated enough to our clients to say we are not experts in this and will not pretend to be to make an extra commission.

We would like to introduce you to Earl Kennedy & Scott Maulsby. They are two of the best agents that we’ve ever found in the health insurance field. They are professional, competitively priced, and most important of all – experts in the field of health insurance. Fill out the contact form below to contact Scott & Earl for all of your health insurance needs.