Do red light camera tickets affect my insurance rates?

So how do those pesky red light cameras affect your insurance rates?

Many cities and towns are adopting the use of red light cameras. If you’re not familiar, a red light camera catches people who run red lights – taking a picture of their license plate in the process. They then run your plate against the database, and send you a lovely love letter in the mail in the form of a citation.

As you can see in the graph below, the usage of red light cameras has been on the decline since 2014. The City of Mt. Juliet just recently stopped using red light cameras are well. They are now using license plate readers, but this is designed to catch wanted individuals and not for traffic enforcement.

red light camera

So if I get a ticket are my rates going up?

So does a ticket from a red light camera affect your auto insurance rates? In order for a violation to affect your rate, with most carriers the violation would need to be considered a moving violation. Traffic camera tickets are not considered moving violations. Because of this, the tickets can’t affect your rates. Click here for more information about Tennessee’s red light cameras.

Just don’t make it a practice to run red lights - camera tickets may not affect you - but accidents will.
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