Our History

The history of Hutsenpiller Insurance can be traced back for half a century to humble beginnings as the Kneeland, Walters & Fox Insurance agency in 1952. While most of the history regarding that agency has been lost, traces of its footprints can be seen throughout media sources and advertisements from that era due to it’s deep connection with the music industry in Nashville.

Over the years the agency underwent several different name changes including Kneeland & Huggins Insurance and finally landed as the Kneeland Insurance Agency. In 1982, Tina Hutsenpiller joined the Kneeland Agency bringing her 4 years of experience she gained from Stone River Insurance & Jarrell & Krohn Insurance in Murfreesboro. Over the years, the agency and Tina’s roll within it grew. In 1992, Tina decided to leave the Kneeland agency and start her own insurance agency – due mostly to the birth of her second child, Bekah. A deal was then brokered to have Tina stay on to service the Kneeland Agency’s clients while growing Hutsenpiller Insurance. The dining room of her Laguardo, TN home was literally transformed into a bustling insurance agency serving clients in Wilson County via Hutsenpiller Insurance and clients from the greater Nashville area as the Kneeland Insurance Agency. As the agencies grew, the need for additional space and staff became apparent! The agency made it’s move from Tina’s living room (an upgrade from the dining room) then to several store fronts including several locations along Highway 109 such as in the Advance Propane building, a remodeled home on Highway 109 at Lebanon Rd. (since burned down), and a house next door to Homerun Market in Laguardo. Being a product of Mt. Juliet, Tina then moved the agency to Mt. Juliet along Lebanon Rd. (Currently Arvin’s Plumbing) then to its current location in2006. In 2011, Hutsenpiller Insurance finalized the purchase of the Kneeland Agency.