Top 8 Home Coverage Add Ons

Not all home insurance is created equally. Many carriers offer “add on” coverages that can come in handy after a loss – especially large losses. We asked our team what their favorite add on feature they think everyone should consider.

Mine would have to be “Walk Away Coverage.” Walk away coverage allows the homeowner to, rather than rebuild after a total loss, instead take a check for the replacement cost of their home. This gives them the ultimate flexibility after a loss to either rebuild, or start over somewhere else.

Brian Campbell

Client Experience Team

Oh mine is guaranteed replacement cost coverage on the home – and it’s not even close. This coverage extends the coverage on the dwelling above the limitations on the policy. This comes in handy when you are dealing with losses that affect a large area like the 3/3/20 Tornado that hit the Nashville area “

CJ Hutsenpiller

Private Client Team

This is a tough one because there are so many good ones. However mine would be buried service line coverage. This coverage protects the service lines (such as water) that go from the road to the dwelling. By default, these lines are not covered by home insurance policies and the cost to repair them when they fail can be expensive

Rebekah Conatser

Personal & Commercial Sales Team

Since this is something that I have used personally, mine would be Equipment Breakdown Coverage. This coverage covers the appliances in your home on a “repair or replace” basis from mechanical failure. So if you have a compressor in your HVAC have a mechanical breakdown, the policy will cover the cost to repair or replace the unit!

Camilo Arango

Personal & Commercial Sales

Full Coverage Water backup! So many people don’t realize home insurance policies have limited protection for water damage. One common claim we get is backup of water through a sewer or drain. Most policies only come with $5-$10k in coverage for these type losses. With this coverage, your coverage is extended all the way to the dwelling limits on the policy.  “

Renee Lannom

Client Experience Team

Since I deal with a lot of rental properties, Homesharing Coverage is a must for people renting parts (or all) of their homes or other dwellings. Most people don’t know that some policies exclude liability that occurs when your home is rented to someone else (think AirBnb, VRBO, Turn Key, Etc). Homesharing coverage extends coverage for this exposure.”

Jessica Rowland

Personal  Lines Sales Team

One of my favorite coverages is included in our Paragon Endorsement. After you’ve had a covered loss, the policy allows you to use up to $2,500 to offset the cost of upgrades that prevent future losses of the same type. So for example, if you have a shingle roof – you can get an extra $2,500 to help upgrade your roof covering to metal. Same for water damages, theft, etc

Tina Hutsenpiller


Personal Injury! Liability coverage is obviously important and most home policies come with it. However they do not all come with personal injury liability. This covers liability for libel and slander that the insured becomes responsible for. Normally liability only covers bodily injury and property damage. In todays world of social media – having coverage for your words is important. “

Ryan Hodge

Personal Lines Sales Team

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