A person who works for an insurance company to evaluate losses and settle claims.


The max amount an insurer will repay you for all covered losses during a set time period, usually one year.


a formal request by you make to an insurance company for coverage or compensation for a covered loss or policy event


coverage that provides repayment for damages to your car that resulted from a collision. Additionally, this occurs from either colliding with another car/object or from the overturn of your car.


This coverage provides repayment for damages to your car resulting from incidents other than collision. For instance, this can include incidents such as theft, vandalism, falling objects, fire, and natural disasters, etc.

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This is what creates a contract between you and the insurance company. It describes who owns the policy, what property is covered, and for how much.


A preset amount of money that you must pay before your insurance provider will pay a claim.


an amendment to a policy adjusting the coverages and taking precedence over the general contract.


provides the insured party with protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage to people or property. Liability insurance policies cover both legal costs and any payouts for which the insured party would be responsible if found liable. For instance, purposeful damage and contractual liabilities are generally not covered in these types of policies.


failure to exercise reasonable care resulting in loss or damage to oneself or others.


type of auto insurance coverage mandated by some states, it requires insurers to repay medical expenses, loss of income, funeral expenses, and similar expenses without regard to fault.


The amount of money an insurer charges you to provide repayment in the event that an agreed-upon loss causes damage to your property.


When an insurance company pays a claim and then seeks damages from a third party because they were responsible for causing the damage or loss. For example, your insurance company might pay for your car to be fixed even though an accident wasn’t your fault and then pursue repayment from the person who was at fault.


A policy that provides extra liability coverage. It kicks in after your other insurance policies have reached their coverage limits.


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