How to get started

Step 1: Get your Rate

Using our tool below, find out what low rate you would qualify for based off age, health and tobacco usage. This tool will allow you to shop with 50 carriers – compare coverage, term lengths, policy types and more. There is also a needs analysis tool built in to make sure you’re getting the RIGHT amount of coverage to protect your loved ones.

Step 2: Apply for Coverage

Once you’ve found a price that fits your budget, you may submit your application using the same tool below. Once an application is submitted, your information will be reviewed by our underwriting team. You can submit these applications with or without a down payment.

Step 3: Approval

Once underwriting has reviewed your application, we will get a final approval on your case. Once that happens, we will contact you to review the results and any pricing modifications BEFORE we issue a policy. This way if you decide this policy is not the right fit for you, you do not have to move forward. Simple.