Renters / Tenants Insurance…no big deal right?


In this video, CJ Hutsenpiller goes into detail about coverage on renter’s insurance. He highlights one that most people do not realize their renter’s insurance comes with. While most people think of renter’s insurance to cover their personal belongings, it also covers their liability. Which is a bigger issue – in our opinion.

The personal liability section of a renters policy is often overlooked. However, it provides a very important suite of coverages. It covers any property damage OR bodily injury that you become legally liable for, and even covering losses that occur away from the rented premises.

CJ goes into claim examples that would have have been covered by the personal liability section of a renter’s insurance policy.

  1. The first example, a shopping cart got away from a young mother and smashed into a new, very expensive car. Her renter’s insurance personal liability paid the thousands of dollars it took to fix it.
  2. In the second example, during the move in, a boyfriend of the insured sliced his arm with a box cutter. Since he was helping the insured, they could have been held liable. However, her renter’s insurance medical payments coverage actually took care of it with the need to get into liability. CJ details in the video how medical payments coverage can jokingly be considered “hush money.”
  3. In the third example, the insured left a candle burning in their home. Their cat, knocked the candle off the table causing a fire. The fire damaged multiple other units. The insureds personal liability coverage took care of the damage.

In conclusion, 

Renter’s insurance is incredibly inexpensive. Especially for the coverage that you get. If you rent a home, you need renter’s insurance. One of our agents would love to speak with you about this. Click the link below to pick a time that works for you to have an agent reach out.

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Disclaimer: All coverage discussed in this article is done so in generalities. Please review your coverage with a licensed insurance agent.