There are many home insurance companies that offer discounts for homeowners who have smart home technology installed. This includes things like a doorbell camera, a home security system, and more! Not only will you be getting a discount on your home insurance rates, but you’ll also be able to see who is at your front door before opening it. Check out this blog post to learn more about how smart home technology can help reduce what you pay in home insurance!

smart home technology

Examples of smart home technology that can earn you discounts;

  • Home security systems
  • Smart Lights
  • Ring Doorbells / Camera
  • Automatic Water Shutoffs

Home Security Systems

Home security systems are an effective home insurance discount.

Most homeowners who have home security systems installed on their homes can get a discount on their home insurance rates from 5-15%. Home security systems provide peace of mind and protection for your home, which is why they’re worth it!

Smart Lights

Smart home lights are a home device that has been connected to your home’s WiFi, and it can be controlled from an app. There are many options for smart home lights, including bulbs that can change color or light intensity and are great for any room! This also allows you to have the lights turn on and off when you’re not home – helping to prevent burglaries when you’re not home.

Ring Doorbells

Ring doorbells are a home security device that enables you to know who is at your door from your home and even monitor the outside of your home. They can be placed on any exterior wall and have wireless features that work over WiFi, which makes it easy to install! Ring video doorbells also let you see who is coming up to your home in real-time. When someone rings the bell at your door, the app will show their name and you can even talk with them through the app! Ring video doorbells use a home’s WiFi so they never need cords or cables. This way nothing has to be “plugged in” and it’s all wirelessly operated.

Automatic Water Shutoff

An automatic water shutoff valve will automatically stop your home’s water supply if there is a leak.

Automatic water shutoffs can be installed in both home plumbing systems and outdoor supplies. It can stop the home’s water supply by shutting off the home’s home plumbing system or it can close a sprinkler valve on the home’s outside, thus stopping any leaks or spills.


This home insurance blog post has introduced you to the many benefits of smart home technology. From discounts on your home’s home insurance rates, to increased security for your home and peace-of-mind that comes with knowing who is at your door from a video feed, there are plenty of reasons why everyone should consider installing some form or smart home tech in their homes! What have been the most beneficial things about having these items installed? Let us know at and we’ll be happy help you find even more ways to reduce those pesky home insurance rates.



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